Does Universal Animal Stak Work?

Welcome to my Animal Stak review.

Verdict: Not Recommended

Reason: Does not contain D-Aspartic Acid which is essential to testosterone enhancement based on scientific studies.

Here’s an in-depth examination of Animal Stacks ingredients and what they do.

Animal Stak Natural Hormone Booster

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which is important in protecting cells against stress and damage, something that can easily occur with intense muscle gaining and strength training workouts.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 plays a large role in estrogen level control and boost testosterone production.


Magnesium is essential for proper enzymatic action involved in cellular processes, particularly those that promote nerve health and muscle relaxation which are essential if you are doing intense workouts.

Natural Flavone/Sterone complex

Animal Stak contains a natural flavone/sterone complex that sorts and partition nutrients and help shuttle calories to lean mass instead of body fat deposition, cutting your fat reduction times in half and boosting the rate of muscle production.

Anabolic Adaptogens

This is a complex of ingredients formulated to help prevent muscle cell destruction by giving it the ability to cope up with the stresses of lifting. This includes cortisol blockers which reduce the amount of cortisol, the hormone produced when the body is under stress

Anti-catabolic amino complex

This complex is designed to stimulate synthesis and help the growth of more muscle which also leads to increased strength by optimizing protein balance in the body.

Universal Animal Stak Results

Reviews for Animal Stak seem to be a little mixed. Here are some examples of reviews I found online:

These are examples of bad reviews however there were also positive reviews and great Animal Stak before and after pics left by others who stated that it really helped them build muscle. At the end of the day this product can probably help, after all it does contain ingredients such as Magnesium and vitamin b6 which are proven to help boost testosterone levels – it just doesn’t contain an optimal formula and there are better ingredients formulas on the market which is why it is not one of my top picks.

Animal Stak Side Effects

The great thing about this supplement is that it does not contain steroidal hormones, lessening the likelihood of major side effects. Irritability is the one common side effect that affects a majority of users. Other minor side effects reported are insomnia and lack of sleep especially if you take the stak on and off.


I can’t really recommend Animal Stak pills based on the science – there are products out there that use much more effective ingredients such as Prime Male.

If you do want to buy Animal Stak then it is available at all the major online retailers. The cheapest price I could find is this listing on Amazon.