10 Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone not only gives men their masculine traits and features but also controls muscle growth and body development. Women too have testosterone, but in men, it plays a bigger role in sexuality and reproduction. After age 30, testosterone levels start to reduce and continue to do so as time goes on. Chemical exposures, drugs and … Read more

5 Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels

If you believe your testosterone levels are low, what is the first thing you do? The logical thinking of most men is to go to the doctor and get artificial testosterone treatments. These can certainly help but are often dangerous and unnecessary. Nutrition is at the foundation of proper testosterone management. If you want to … Read more

Selenium, Brazil Nuts and Testosterone

Selenium is a mineral found in soil. It is also present in water and some foods – especially Brazil nuts. It plays a vital role in the metabolic process. However, we need only a tiny amount. Selenium is known for its antioxidant properties. It is also believed to be a testosterone booster. Let us find … Read more

Stinging Nettle and Testosterone

Summary: Not essential for boosting testosterone levels although can undoubtedly be helpful combined with other ingredients. I would not bother taking this as a stand-alone supplement if my only goal was to increase my testosterone levels. Full Analysis: Stinging nettle ( botanical name: Urtica dioica) is a medicinal plant with an array of beneficial effects in … Read more

Vitamins B6, B12 and Testosterone

Summary: There is no evidence to suggests that vitamin B boosts testosterone levels among humans, however, studies on rats have shown positive results. I certainly would not require either of these ingredients in any testosterone boosting product nor would I take them individually to increase my T levels. Full Analysis: People are becoming increasingly more willing to take … Read more

Ginseng and Testosterone

Summary: Ginseng can be effective in increasing testosterone levels, used alongside other supplements. It’s not one of my  ‘must have’ ingredients but is definitely useful. Ready below for my full analysis of the studies to get the science behind Ginseng’s effectiveness as a test booster. Full Analysis Siberian Ginseng, also known as eleuthero, is a … Read more

Tongkat Ali and Testosterone

Overview: Although Tongkat Ali can certainly be helpful it is not on my ‘must have’ list of natural testosterone boosters. It is helpful used in conjunction with other ingredients but is neither going to be that strong nor very helpful on it’s own. Studies: Tongkat Ali (botanical name – Eurycoma longifolia) is a medicinal plant … Read more

Does Tribulus Increase Testosterone?

tribulus terrestris testosterone

The Short Version: Tribulus is not essential in boosting testosterone levels among men, and there is little to no proof to show if it is even effective at all. Read below for my full analysis of the studies. Studies Tribulus is a globally occurring medicinal plant with a tap root system. Roots are the most … Read more

Are Testosterone Boosters and Steroids the Same Thing?

Before you decide to make use of either steroids or testosterone boosters you should ask for advice from your doctor. The following are the major differences between testosterone boosters and steroids that you should be aware of: Testosterone Boosters They are supplements that consist of natural ingredients. There are different brands of testosterone boosters available. They … Read more

What are Testosterone Boosters Used For?

We live in a world where almost every store is filled with shelves of natural supplements, potions and health boosters designed to help us attain the lifestyle we have always wanted. Testosterone boosters, in particular, are all the rage at the moment. Before considering whether or not to add them to your daily intake of … Read more