Boron and Testosterone

Boron is found more and more in current testosterone boosters on the market, this trace mineral is essential for many bodily functions and is undoubtedly influential in testosterone production.

Boron For Testosterone

  • The most well-known benefit of boron is arthritis relief. In fact, up to 95% of arthritis patients report experiencing some improvements within one to three months of beginning a boron course of therapy, according to Dr. Rex E. Newnham, the author of a book titled “Beating Arthritis and Beating Osteoporosis.” Besides, the 2003 review in the copy of “Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition” reveals that boron improves the uptake of vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium, thereby strengthening the bones. In addition to improving arthritis and bone strength, boron also plays an important role in improving brain function and lowering cholesterol.


  • Boron is also able to increase testosterone levels in men, which is why many of us, especially athletes and weightlifters, are taking advantage of it. Although many bodybuilders prefer to take testosterone supplements to boost their testosterone levels, additional scientific research is required to establish whether it can help them experience more success.


  • Boron enhances testosterone in men and estrogen levels in women. Essentially, it can help regulate hormones in women, particularly those going through menopause. According to Dr. Newnham, women who started a regimen of boron reported a considerable increase in sex drive. In other words, it has some sexual benefits.


  • Boron may also help improve mental health. Therefore, if you suffer from memory loss, mental fatigue, and depression, it may be that boron is the missing link. However, you need to understand that many other factors may have an impact on one’s mental health.¬† A study cited in the website “Vitamin Research Products,” by Dr. Alexander G. Schauss, suggests that boron can significantly enhance mental health alertness when taken for several months as a daily supplement.


  • Boron also appears to be important for the development of the fetus. However, there is little medical evidence of this, and research is ongoing. In addition, boron may be helpful when it comes to cancer therapy, as well as maintaining organ and cellular membrane functions.


  • Boron may also help prevent blood clots, alleviate the difficulties brought about by cognitive heart failure, lower plasma lipid levels, decrease fungal infection, and inhibit harmful enzymes from acting or forming.

The Impact of Boron on Male Testosterone Levels

Several studies have been conducted to determine the impact of boron on male testosterone levels. For example, a study posted on The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry suggested that in healthy males, boron supplementation appears to have mixed results. Essentially, it has been implicated in boosting testosterone; however, this may depend on the dosage and time period. Prolonged studies with lesser or the same dosages fail to replicate the boost in free testosterone.

Interestingly, in the 80s, people touted Boron as an excellent testosterone booster before the fitness supplements industry was as huge as it is today. In the early 90s, marketers promoted it as a natural and safer alternative to steroids.

However, in 2011, interest in boron revived following the publication of a scientific study conducted by an Iranian research team in the Sports Physiology Research Centre, in Tehran’s University of Medical Sciences. According to the survey, there is a positive, significant, and clear result concerning the impact boron supplementation has on free testosterone levels.

Boron Dosage

There is no recommended daily dosage for boron since a vital biological role for it has not been established. However, people take varying amounts depending on their diet. For example, boron-rich diets provide about 3.2mg of boron per 2000kcal each day. On the other hand, those with lower levels of boron provide 0.25mg. However, the highest tolerable level of boron one should consume should not surpass 20mg each day for adults and breastfeeding or pregnant women over 19 years of age. For kids between 9 and 14 years, the upper intake level is 11mg per day, while that of adolescents is 17mg per day.

Boron Side Effects

Boron is safe for children and adults when consumed in doses less than the UL, or Upper Tolerable Limit. However, there is some concern that when one consumes more than 20mg of boron per day, which is the upper limit for adults, it may harm one’s ability to father a child. In addition, when taken by mouth in high doses, it is possibly unsafe for children and adults because large quantities can lead to poisoning. Some of the common signs of boron poisoning include irritability, skin peeling and inflammation, convulsions, tremors, headaches, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, depression, and other symptoms. Finally, boric acid powder is possibly harmful when applied in huge amounts. It is a form of boron.

So Does boron increase testosterone?

Yes, the body needs boron, which is a trace mineral, in small amounts to support several functions including testosterone production. I usually find it in foods such as apples, pears, oranges, red grapes, hazelnuts, avocados, prunes, and almonds, among others. You could also try taking Boron supplements (make sure they are at least 5mg dosage to have any significant impact).


You should take Boron in dosages of around 5mg a day to be effective and safe. I personally take a supplement which combines Boron with other testosterone enhancing vitamins and minerals all into one pill.