10 Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone not only gives men their masculine traits and features but also controls muscle growth and body development. Women too have testosterone, but in men, it plays a bigger role in sexuality and reproduction. After age 30, testosterone levels start to reduce and continue to do so as time goes on. Chemical exposures, drugs and … Read more

Are Testosterone Boosters and Steroids the Same Thing?

Before you decide to make use of either steroids or testosterone boosters you should ask for advice from your doctor. The following are the major differences between¬†testosterone boosters and steroids that you should be aware of: Testosterone Boosters They are supplements that consist of natural ingredients. There are different brands of testosterone boosters available. They … Read more

6 Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels In Older Men

As a man, it becomes increasingly difficult to exert ultimate control over your masculinity as you age, simply because testosterone levels continuously drop after our thirties. This makes it very important to actively work to keep testosterone levels at a level that could be considered high normal for age or increase it to a level … Read more

5 Ways To Boost Nitric Oxide Naturally

Increasing the amount of nitric oxide your body produces is something every man stands to benefit handsomely from, whether you are trying to improve performance in the gym, the bedroom or just trying to improve overall vascular health. The good news is there are very effective ways to go about boosting nitric oxide levels naturally, … Read more