Monster T Review

With only four ingredients, Monster T’s formula is not exactly complete.

However, what’s interesting about this test booster is that it contains D-aspartic acid and Zinc in quite high dosage levels. The dosages of these two ingredients alone should do quite a lot for you.

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What I’m about to do is list down each ingredient and go in depth about its safety and efficiency in achieving higher Testo levels:

monster T

Zinc (as Zinc Oxide): 30mg

Zinc is an essential mineral that you’ll see almost in every testosterone booster; it helps your body break down nutrients, supports the process of building protein and strengthens our immune system. I came across a recent study about the association of this ingredient with Testosterone levels; this study found that men taking 30 mg of Zinc every day showed higher levels of free testosterone in their system. The Zinc is also proven to be very important in the production process of our testosterone in our bodies, in fact, having a deficiency in Zinc levels will lead to low testosterone levels which is why the daily value of this ingredient must be met, and luckily 30mg presents 200% of that value. I’m really happy with this dosage as I won’t have to worry about fulfilling my daily needs of this ingredient in any other way (taking extra supplements or food).

D-Aspartic Acid: 3,000mg

Definitely the most powerful ingredient here, I believe this is one of the most researched ‘’testosterone boosting ingredients’’. Many studies have proven the DAA’s capability of naturally increasing testosterone levels without impacting other body’s functions in a bad way. One study showed that men taking about 3100mg of DAA on a daily basis witnessed a 40% increase in their testosterone levels which is quite high for such a short period. DAA is highly important for bodybuilders looking to gain muscle mass or maintain it while losing fat. The dosage of this ingredient is ideal for the task, and if you stick to the daily dosage recommended by the Monster T, you will not deal with any side effects.

L-Citrulline: 1500mg

This was an interesting ingredient to see in the Monster T formula. This AA is associated with the liver’s detoxification process and overall blood flow allowing better sexual performance and more muscle growth. L-Citrulline is also known to reduce fatigue and improve cardiovascularly, and I think the dosage used here is pretty safe as it is lower than the maximum allow per-day-amount. I also liked that Monster T’s formula is saving much room for more important ingredients rather than just overloading it with secondary/neutral ingredients.

Stinging Nettle (leaf): 140mg

Stinging nettle is a natural ingredient which has some controversy about its efficiency and association with T-levels and it has been researched quite a lot. This is a herbal ingredient that was used earlier as a medicament for many illnesses related to certain imbalances in testosterone levels. Studies have shown that men supplementing with this product will notice a very stable testosterone level, meaning that this ingredient will help you maintain your testosterone levels once they’re high which I think is crucial when it comes to testosterone boosting supplements. That being said, I am kind of disappointed with the fact that this ingredient was extracted from the stinging nettle plant’s leaves rather than its roots which have much more active components.

Ingredients Overview

Looking at Monster T’s formula, I believe this testosterone booster is a really powerful product as it is not overloaded with complementary ingredients like other products in the market. All the ingredients scream “boost testosterone,” and of course, all the ingredients are all extracted from natural resources and will allow a natural increase in testosterone levels without having to deal with any side effects.

Dosage Levels

There’s nothing bad I can say about the dosages, the dosages pretty safe to me and one of the ingredients (D-aspartic Acid) has the highest dosage level I’ve ever seen in a testosterone booster which is quite promising since the DAA is a very effective ingredient.

Moster T ingredients

Monster T Results From Users

Monster T has a decent amount of good reviews from verified buyers (people who actually did buy the product and used it), many of these customers expressed major improvements in their overall sexual wellness, muscle growth and energy levels. Also, a lot of users expressed their satisfaction regarding the price while others thought it was pretty expensive. I believe that buying this Testosterone booster is a great deal, especially when using one of their buy-in-bulk offers and discount deals.

Monster T Side Effects

The dosages used in the Monster T are very safe and will promote a healthy increase in your testosterone levels without experiencing any side effects. Also, online reviews about this product mentioned zero unwanted side effects.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Simple and effective, this is what came to my mind when I first took a look at the ingredients when I first laid hands on this product. The dosages are not too low yet not too high, and as long as this supplement is token according to its recommended daily dosage, no side effects will apply. That being said, some might think that the price is quite high for such a small number of servings, but for high-quality value, it’s definitely not.

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