P6 Extreme Black

Verdict: Good product that will work but over-priced

This product contains scientifically proven ingredients.

However this product is over-priced compared to products that will do the exact same job.

Read on for my full P6 Black review.

The ingredients in P6 Black are divided into two major categories. These are the Nootropic Testosterone Matrix and the Androgen Support Matrix.

The Nootropic Testosterone Matrix

P6 Extreme Black Review

This focuses on boosting the levels of testosterone by inducing proper hormonal movement. The particulars in this conglomerate would be:

  • Magnesium Chelate
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Alpha GPC
  • D-Serine
  • Diindolymethane
  • Androstenolone

This grouping targets the reduction of estrogen levels in the system by reinforcing more androgen into circulation, fighting off the excessive imbalance that stems from the high concentration of estrogen. In addition, it helps with the body’s anabolic processes.

It is also important to note Alpha GPC is an organic Choline compound that leads to an elevated amount of mental clarity, focus, and cognitive energy.

The Androgen Support Matrix

This comes with the main ingredient of Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract, which is proven and effective in promoting better hormonal function, testosterone production and estrogen reduction. Another great thing about this seed extract, which is also known as the Velvet Bean, is that contains a lot of Levodopa, better known as L-Dopa. This is a growth hormone which apparently causes positive moods.

D Aspartic Enzyme

So as to revolutionize the whole formulation of the supplement, Cellucor P6 Black is injected with  D-Aspartic Acid. Remember this is one of my key ingredients. DAA works through the stimulation of every NMDA receptor. It simply leads toward production of hormones, ultimately signaling the body that to engage the process called steroidogenesis. This refers to the natural process of testosterone production. More to the point, it leads to the massive release of growth hormones.

Additional ingredients worth noting would be the vitamin D, B6,  and Zinc that P6 Black contains. These ingredients are all an essential part of boosting testosterone levels.

Cellucor definitely passes my ingredients check-list.

p6 Extreme Black Side Effects

Side effects should not be an issue with this product as it is made entirely of natural and non-harmful ingredients. That is the idea behind natural testosterone boosters.


What I Liked:

– Great ingredients

What I did not like:

The price, which is high. You can buy P6 black easily online – it might be worth shopping around for discounts. The cheapest I found it was this listing on Amazon.


Cellucor P6 Black is a great booster and has all the ingredients I recommend. However I don’t think its the best value for money.

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