Prime Male vs TestoFuel

Prime Male and TestoFuel share seven ingredients in common however they do exist in different dosages. Testofuel has two more ingredients of its own, taking its total count to nine ingredients. Prime Male contains five extra ingredients taking its total count to 12 ingredients. Let’s dive in deep and see what this means for our Prime Male vs Testofuel battle.

Note: If you want the short version, skip to the end.

Both boosters contain Vitamin D3, and both contain a dosage of 5000 IU (international units). Vitamin D is important in promoting healthy testosterone production and studies have linked Vitamin D deficiencies to low testosterone levels. Both will give you the amount of Vitamin D needed to promote healthy levels of testosterone production.

Vitamin K2 is next on our list. The role of Vitamin K2 is essentially to protect your testes and stop fats and other external factors from reducing the level of testosterone production. Think of Vitamin K as being a fortress that protects and maintains the appropriate level of testosterone production. Interestingly, Prime Male and TestoFuel have quite different dosages. Prime Male has the higher dosage with 45 mcg while TestoFuel only has 18mcg. I believe this is because Vitamin K is only really needed by males over 30 who notice falling testosterone levels which is exactly the market that Prime Male is targeting. While TestoFuel is primarily used for bodybuilding and muscle gains, this market is younger and probably don’t really need this vitamin so much.

Vitamin B6 has been linked to high levels of blood testosterone and has been proven to lift testosterone levels among rats and animals, although I could not find any studies done directly on humans. However, from extensive animal testing it does appear this ingredient has a role to play in raising testosterone levels. This vitamin actually directly targets receptors in your body, making you produce more testosterone. Prime Male contains 7.5 mg of vitamin B6 while Testofuel contains 5mg. Again this is probably because older males simply need more testosterone and Prime Male is really helping people with low T to significantly boost testosterone levels.

Testofuel contains twice as much Magnesium as Prime Male with 200mg to Prime Males 100mg. Magnesium is important to make sure testosterone is properly absorbed by the body and used efficiently. An increased dosage simply means TestoFuel is much more focused on utilizing the testosterone that your body is already producing rather than creating more testosterone. This makes sense as TestoFuel is targeted at younger males who are looking to build muscle and probably already produce healthy levels of testosterone.

Prime Male contains 30 mg of Zinc while TestoFuel contains 10 mg. Multiple studies have linked Zinc to increased testosterone production meaning it is perfect for guys with low T. However TestoFuel compensates for this by also including 100 mg of oyster extract which contains high levels of zinc.

Both boosters contain D-aspartic acid which is actually my No.1 most important ingredient and has been proven to have very strong testosterone boosting properties. Testofuel does contain slightly more although both certainly contain adequate levels to healthily boost test levels.

Prime Male contains marginally more Ginseng than Testofuel. Although not enough to make much difference at all in practice. Ginseng actually increases the number of testosterone producing sex hormones in the body, meaning that your body will increase the production of testosterone.

Ingredients Unique to TestoFuel

Fenugreek – Fenugreek has been proven to enhance testosterone levels by inhibiting enzymes that break down testosterone. Meaning that Fenugreek promotes better use of testosterone by the body.

Oyster Extract – This ingredient simply adds extra zinc in a more diluted form for increased testosterone production as discussed earlier in the piece. It is important to note that Prime Male contains a much higher dosage of pure zinc so probably still has a stronger zinc component overall.

Ingredients Unique to Prime Male

Luteolin (60mg) – This ingredient can be found in citrus, especially lemons. It stimulates androgens which in turn produce more testosterone while at the same time limiting estrogen production in the body.

Mucuna Pruriens (300mg) – This seed extract is a natural source of levadopa which has been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels. It also reduces the depletion of free testosterone in males. In one study where males took 5g of Mucuna Pruriens extract, their testosterone levels increased on average by 27.3% making this some potent stuff.

Nettle Root 10:1 extract (160mg) – Nettle extract increases testosterone levels by inhibiting the binding of testosterone to a certain globulin which in turn increases the levels of free testosterone in the body.

Bioperine (10mg) – This ingredient helps your body absorb the other ingredients in Prime Male much quicker, it is basically an enhancer which strengthens and quickens the impact of Prime Male on your testosterone levels.

Boron (5mg) – In one study men taking 6 mg boron daily for 2 months increased free testosterone levels on average by 29.5%. Enough said.


What Does All of This Mean? – The Quick Version

So here is the quick version and the key difference between Prime Male and TestoFuel.

Prime Male = Great for men over 30 who either have low T or whose testosterone production is slowing down. This ingredients formula targets the creation of testosterone, helping your body keep up testosterone production at healthy levels.

TestoFuel = This is great for bodybuilders or men who are looking for serious muscle gains who already have healthy testosterone production (and usually who are under 30). This is because it promotes greater absorption of the testosterone your body is already producing. This means less testosterone goes to waste and you maximize efficiency giving you the benefit of more testosterone without the risks of taking testosterone production to unhealthy levels.

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