Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test

Verdict: Not Recommended.

Reason: Does not contain the following essential and scientifically proven ingredients:

  • D-aspartic acid
  • Vitamin D

Read below for my full Beast Super Test review.

Beast Sports Nutrition Super Test

This product fails to deliver on essential ingredients and what’s more uses arginine based Nitric Oxide Support Complex which has some questionable characteristics.

Here is the full list of ingredients that can be found in the product:

Magnesium (22.5 mg): according to the scientists, over 300 enzymes in the human body depend on this mineral, which is also responsible for muscle relaxation. Speaking bluntly, your muscle cells rely on magnesium just as your car depends on fuel or your laptop on electricity.

– Vitamin B6 (5mg): this potent vitamin is responsible for suppressing your estrogen levels and for boosting the production of male sex hormones, mainly testosterone.

– Nitric Support Oxide Complex: this complex of vitamins and multiminerals is specially designed to better deliver nutrients to your muscles and to increase the levels of nitric oxide in your body.

 Cyanotis Vaga Extract: this natural extract is known to increase wound healing rate and protein synthesis, leading to a quicker recovery time after exercise and an increase in muscle mass.

Results from Users

This test booster is marketed as an anabolic complex that maximizes your testosterone levels, enhances muscle strength, increases muscle mass and supports liver & kidney functions.

However, in order to see if these things are true, I had to look for proof outside of the official website. Luckily, Beast Super Test results can be found all over the web.

I managed to find a mixture of reviews, both positive and negative:

Side Effects

Some users reported some very unusual side effects. From instance, Caitlin from Virginia had to deal with constipation and migraines, while Marcelo from Brazil had stomach cramps and erection difficulties. However for the most part side effects were minimal due to the natural ingredients formula found in all test boosters.

Where to Buy Beast Super Test

The best price I found was this Amazon listing. You can buy other places but I generally find that Amazon has the best deals for supplements.


I can’t recommend this product due to a lack of the most effective ingredients as shown by our research into scientific studies.

Which Product Do I Recommend?

I personally recommend Prime Male as it has the most effective ingredients formula on the market.