TestoTEK Vs Prime Male

I will start with a quick comparison of the of the two products and go into a more in-depth comparison from there. TestoTEK vs Prime Male – Quick Overview: Prime Male: Ingredients formula is very well suited to men over the age of 30 who are looking for an overall vitality product. This will help … Read more

TestoTEK Vs TestoFuel

TestoTEK and TestoFuel are two popular test boosters on the market right now – with the former being the newer arrival. Both are sold primarily as muscle building supplements making them direct competitors. I wanted to find out which one would be more effective for both building muscle and as an all-around testosterone booster. Below … Read more

TestoTEK vs Testogen

TestoTEK and Testogen are two of the most popular boosters around and also two of the newest entrants on the market. So how do these two compare and which one should you buy?  Well it really depends on your goal. I will get into the key differences below so that you can choose the product … Read more

TestoFuel vs Testogen

TestoFuel and Testogen have both been getting a lot of press recently. But which one is better and which one should you use? Lets go over the key differences. Testogen: Decent levels of D-aspartic acid which helps. Has good amounts of Panax Ginseng which is great for libido High amounts of Zinc which is good … Read more

Prime Male Vs Testogen

Testogen Versus Prime Male

Prime Male and Testogen are both popular products. So what’s the difference? Is one more effective than the other? Are they both safe? Find out with my in-depth comparison below. Uses Prime Male is a testosterone booster that is aimed primarily at older men over the age of 50. It is more of a vitality … Read more

Prime Male vs TestoFuel

testofuel versus prime male

Prime Male and TestoFuel share seven ingredients in common however they do exist in different dosages. Testofuel has two more ingredients of its own, taking its total count to nine ingredients. Prime Male contains five extra ingredients taking its total count to 12 ingredients. Let’s dive in deep and see what this means for our … Read more

Testogen Review

Testogen massively improved their formula at the beginning of 2018. I like the new formula a lot more, especially the addition of Magnesium and the updated Zinc levels. So, being me,  I decided to put it to the test. Below you can find my personal results from using Testogen PLUS a full scientific analysis – … Read more

TestoFuel Review

Testofuel is a fantastic testosterone booster aimed at the bodybuilding and muscle growth market. It’s definitely one of my top five boosters – mostly because of the high levels of D-aspartic acid that is contains. However, I wanted to put it to the test. How effective is this booster really and does it actually help … Read more

TestoTEK Review

A bottle of TestoTEk just came across my desk. The first thing I always do when this happens is to take a good, hard look at the ingredients formula before trying out the product. What I found was actually quite promising… Testotek is made up of all natural ingredients – the dosages are safe and … Read more

Prime Male Review

I have reviewed a lot of scientific studies (and I mean a lot) in an effort to hone in on which ingredients have been proven to actually boost testosterone levels. Based on my research, Prime Male testosterone booster has one of the top formulas on the market. It is especially well formulated for guys over … Read more