TestoFuel Review

Testofuel is a fantastic testosterone booster aimed at the bodybuilding and muscle growth market. It’s definitely one of my top five boosters – mostly because of the high levels of D-aspartic acid that is contains.

However, I wanted to put it to the test. How effective is this booster really and does it actually help in building more muscle.

Below you will find my full analysis including a full break down of the ingredients and any scientific proof that exists to back them up. Then you will user reviews and results so you can see how well it it working for others.

So How Does It Work?

The idea here is that more testosterone in your body will:

  •  Increase recovery time between workouts – letting you work out muscle groups more often
  • Increase the rate of protein synthesis – letting your body absorb more protein will allow your body to build bigger muscles.
  • Reduce the impact catabolic hormones. These hormones exist inside all of us and they break down muscle mass – working against you and your efforts. By blocking these hormones you will be able to gain muscle much quicker.

Let’s find out if these claims are true in my full TestoFuel review below.

TestoFuel Ingredients and Dosage

Probably the most important factor to look at in a testosterone booster is its ingredient list. When I looked at scientific research, I found that the ingredients used in some testosterone boosters were not very effective. I also found that there were different levels of potency among the brands based on the components used.

Below is the complete TestoFuel ingredients list:

Oyster Extract (Zinc):
This extract is proven to contain at least 10 times more zinc than your average beef steak . Oyster extract is also filled with the 59 trace elements your body needs for optimum performance, including omega 3 & 6, taurine, amino acids, manganese, copper and more than a few important vitamins.

Vitamin D:
Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a low testosterone level. The vitamin D receptors in the human body are located in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, both of which are responsible for the production and regulation of metabolism and male hormones, especially testosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA):


Sperm cell and male sex hormone production are directly related to this amino acid. It has been proven that DAA can increase t-levels by nearly 50% in as little as two weeks. There are also suggestions that this amino acid can increase the levels of human growth hormone, which can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to building muscle rather than fat. 

This popular curry ingredient has proven to boost male libido and assist in normalizing hormone levels.

This root is known to increase adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and adrenaline levels, as well as the sex hormones that are responsible for cell growth.

At least 300 enzymes in the human body rely on magnesium in order to function properly. This mineral is also responsible for nerve and muscle relaxation, which are important processes during workout sessions. Muscle cells rely on magnesium for the storage of appropriate “fuel” such as carbohydrates and proteins.

Vitamin B6:
This B-Vitamin helps to suppress estrogen levels while simultaneously boosting the production of male sex hormones – especially testosterone.

Vitamin K2:

Vitamin K2 has been shown to help maintain the level of testosterone in testes and plasma. This is certainly a defensive ingredient, it helps the body synthesis testosterone and defends the testes from attackers such as LPS.

 Ingredient Verdict:

TestoFuel has one clear goal with its ingredients formula. To allow the body to synthesis and use all the testosterone it is naturally producing at a much more efficient rate with a much higher percentage of absorption. This means your body uses more of the testosterone that you produce. This is exactly why it is the perfect t booster for bodybuilders and guys wanting to make big muscle gains, because it takes the healthy level of testosterone you already have and puts it to much better use in assisting with building muscle. If you are under 35ish and looking for big gains, this is the t booster for you. Y

TestoFuel Results

One of the key factors I was looking for in a testosterone booster was proof of user results. Below are some TestoFuel before and after pics.


TestoFuel Side Effects

This product is made from completely natural products, which means that there really should not be any serious side effects to worry about. Most users report remarkably good results, with no adverse effects at all. Of course, it might be a good idea to test it out first or ask your doctor for advice.

Summary – Does TestoFuel Really Work?

Testofuel is great for men who are looking to pack on muscle or bodybuilders, if you do not fall in this group see my list of alternatives. This formula promotes absorption so is perfect for those with healthy levels of testosterone who are looking to put that t to better use and get serious gains. For men who are over the age of 30 and just want to get in better shape, increase energy levels, raise libido, increase focus or just offset falling t levels then I recommend Prime Male.

 Where to Buy Testofuel

The only place you can find Testofuel for sale is the official website. They have a 90 day money back guarantee if you don’t see any results. This is the case if you are anywhere in the world including the US, UK, Australia, Canada or NZ. Unfortunately, you can not buy TestoFuel from GNC, Amazon or any of the other big providers.

The Muscle Gainers Package is probably the best value for money as it contains a free box of TestoFuel plus 2 free workout guides and a free t-shirt – you can select this package when you order. This is going to be the best price on TestoFuel that you will find.


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