TestoTEK Vs Prime Male

I will start with a quick comparison of the of the two products and go into a more in-depth comparison from there.

TestoTEK vs Prime Male – Quick Overview:

Prime Male: Ingredients formula is very well suited to men over the age of 30 who are looking for an overall vitality product. This will help you gain more energy in your day-to-day life, increase your libido and will assist in lean muscle development and weight loss when combined with a good diet and exercise. It will help your body to produce more testosterone naturally.

TestoTEK: Better suited to those who are only interested in building muscle and shredding fat. Although it will help with libido and energy to an extent, you are better off going with Prime Male if you want something that will be an all-around vitality product.

Summary: If you want an all-around testosterone boosting vitality product to offset the impact of falling testosterone levels go with Prime Male. However, if you are focused on building muscle and shredding fat then go with TestoTEK.

In-Depth Ingredients Comparison:

Here is a list of all the ingredients and dosages for each booster. I will start with the most important ingredients and work my way down.

D-aspartic Acid: This is one of my top ingredients and must be in a test booster for me to even consider buying it. Studies have proven it’s ability to boost testosterone levels time and time again. In one study, men who took a daily dose of DAA experienced a 42% increase in testosterone levels after only 12 days. It is especially useful for those who are looking to gain some lean muscle mass.

Prime Male contains 1,600 mg of D-aspartic acid. TestoTek contains 2,000mg. This higher level in TestoTek is the main reason why I recommend it to those looking to gain more muscle mass and for cutting.

Vitamin D3: Another essential ingredients for boosting testosterone levels. Vitamin D3 is commonly deficient among men who work indoors. The Journal of Endocrinology and other studies have linked low testosterone levels and Vitamin D deficiencies together. You need to have sufficient Vit D levels to produce healthy amounts of testosterone.

Prime Male contains 5000 IU of Vitamin D. Testotek contains 2000 IU. Prime Male contains far superior amounts of Vitamin D. This is great if you have falling testosterone levels as the Vitamin D will help maintain healthy testosterone production.

Zinc: This is another powerful ingredient. In one study zinc supplementation doubled testosterone levels in men who were slightly zinc deficient. In another study Zinc supplementation increased free testosterone levels by 33.5% in only two months. There is an obvious link between zinc supplementation and testosterone.

Prime Male contains 30 mg of Zinc while TestoTek contains 25 mg. These are fairly similar dosage levels with Prime Male having a slight edge.

Magnesium: This is another ingredient that is very effective in boosting testosterone levels. This is where Prime Male has a massive advantage – it contains 100mg of Magnesium. While TestoTEK contains no Magnesium whatsoever. This is a big point in Prime Male’s favor.

Boron: In one study a group of men experienced an increase in free testosterone levels of 28% and a decrease in estrogen levels of 39% from taking 10mg of Boron per day. This ingredient in only found in Prime Male.

Ginseng: Testo Tek contains 50 mg of Siberian ginseng and Prime Male contains 120 mg of Korean red ginseng. Both these varieties have been proven to help libido and energy levels. Because of its greater dosage – Prime Male has the edge on this one.

Luteolin: This flavonoid is commonly found in citrus. It suppresses the production of estrogen in the body and stimulates androgens to make more testosterone. It is only contained in Prime Male.

Mucuna Pruriens: This seed extract has been proven to reduce cortisol which is a hormone released by stress. Cortisol inhibits testosterone production, meaning every time you get stressed you are actually destroying your bodies ability to manufacture testosterone. What’s more Mucuna contains L-dopa which is an amino acid that has been proven to increase testosterone production.  Prime Male contains 300mg of Mucuna while Testotek has only 175mg.

Nettle Root Extract: This ingredients plays an interesting role. It contains Lignans which bind to a protein called the sex hormone binding globulin. Usually testosterone will do this job – however because the lignans are doing it this frees up more testosterone for your body to use. So although it doesn’t directly increase the production of testosterone it does make more testosterone available for bodily functions.

Prime Male contains 160 mg of Nettle Root. While TestoTEK contains 100 mg.

Vitamin B6: This vitamin stimulates androgen receptors which tell your testes to start pumping out testosterone. It also enhances the absorption of magnesium and zinc which makes it a great compliment in any test booster. Prime Male contains 7.5 mg of the P-5-P form of B6 while Testotek contains 50 mg of the Pyridoxine HCI form. Both these types will do the trick although the P-5-P form is more concentrated so is only needed in smaller amounts.

Vitamin K2: This enhances the impact of Vitamin D and has also been proven to enhance testosterone production by increasing the activity of specific enzymes in the testes. Prime Male contains 45 mcg and TestoTEK contains 50 mcg.

Fenugreek: This herb contains saponins which increase sex hormones including androgens. This is a great ingredient for increasing libido however is not essential. TestoTEK contains 75mg of Fenugreek while Prime Male does not include it at all.

Oyster Extract: TestoTek is the only one to include this ingredient. Oyster extract contains zinc so takes the zinc content of TestoTek up to a better level.

Ingredients Overview

Based on these ingredients, I would have to say that Prime male is better as an all around testosterone booster and vitality complex for men over 30. While TestoTEK is better if you want to get ripped and build muscle (mostly due to the higher amounts of d-aspartic acid).


Safety and Side Effects

Both of these boosters are made up of 100% natural ingredients.  This means they are both completely safe and you should not experience any side effects. I checked the dosage levels of each ingredients against the daily recommended dosages  and although some of them are higher – they are still within the safe range. I take Prime Male myself and can attest to the fact that I have no side effects from that.


Testimonials and Results

I personally take Prime Male and have had great results from it. I had big increases in energy levels and libido which I noticed straight away. I was also able to push myself harder at the gym and have definitely developed some more muscle since I started using it. However, this is also because I combined it with a strict gym regime.

I have not tried TestoTek yet but will update this when I do.


Summary – Which Test Booster Should You Use?

Both of these products are great and effective. One is certainly not better than another. Rather they fulfill different needs and functions.

Prime Male is best for guys over 30 looking to offset the impact of falling testosterone levels. It will increase libido and energy levels as well as assisting with weight loss and lean muscle gain.

TestoTEK is best if you are looking for a testosterone booster that will help you with your workouts and give you big increases in muscle mass and help you with cutting.

Where to Buy Each one for the Best Price?

Prime Male is only available at the official website. The best deal is to buy the 3 month supply and they will add an extra month for free. There is also a 90 day money back guarantee.

The best price for TestoTEK is definitely the official website. It is on Amazon as well – but the official website is actually cheaper. The cheapest way to do it is to buy in bulk. One Bottle is $69.99. However, if you buy 6 bottles then you only pay $53 per bottle.

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