Vitamin K2 and Testosterone

Vitamin K2 is an ingredient found in many testosterone boosters, it has many health benefits and for sure is an excellent supplement to your diet. But does it actually increase testosterone levels? And just how effective is it? We’ll start by going over some of the main health benefits of this vitamin; then we will get into the proof behind its impact on testosterone levels.

Vitamin K2 Benefits

Healthier Bones
Vitamin K2 is essential for long-term bone health. Studies show that it may even be more important than calcium. It is needed in order to bind minerals and calcium to the bone matrix. This strengthens the bones. If the binding does not occur, it will remain in the soft tissue and cause calcification in the wrong areas. It may also potentially reverse osteoporosis.

Improves Cardiac Health
If one does not consume vitamin K2 but ingests a lot of calcium, arterial calcification may develop. This is why medical specialists urge their patients to consume vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and magnesium in the right amounts. Studies show that people who ingest high amounts of vitamin K2 are less likely to succumb to cardiovascular failure.

Oral Health
A vitamin K deficiency will lead to poor oral health. This means that a person who does not consume enough of this vitamin will be more prone to enamel fractures, compared to those who consume high amounts of it.

Varicose Vein Prevention
This study is still in its early stages. However, researchers claim that vitamin K2 lessens the possibility of calcification in blood vessels.

Impact on Testosterone Levels

Various studies have been done concerning the impact of vitamin K2 to testosterone levels. In one study, Wistar rats were fed a diet with menaquinone-4 (75mg/kg). The in vivo testosterone levels of the rat’s testes and plasma were measured. Testosterone levels were analyzed concerning its effects on steroid genesis. The result showed that it improved testosterone production via activation of PKA. Therefore, supplementation may reverse the decrease in testosterone production commonly exhibited in elderly individuals (study).

What Foods Contain Vitamin K2?

Certain types of food contain vitamin K2. These include hard cheese, soft cheese, butter, natto, sauerkraut, egg yolk, chicken liver, chicken breast, ground beef and salami. Please note that at this time, we have yet to provide the precise values of some types of food like organ meat. Studies show that salivary glands, pancreas, brains, reproductive organs, kidneys, cartilage and bone. Fish eggs are also likely to be rich in vitamin K2.

Regarding vitamin K2 from livestock intestines, please note that the vitamin K2 present is embedded in bacterial membranes. Therefore, only a small amount of it can be absorbed.

Those who enjoy fermented food will be happy to know that many of their favorites contain this sought-after vitamin. Natto, a favorite soy dish that originates from Japan contains high amounts of it. Sauerkraut and cheese are high in vitamin K2 as well.

However, natto has the highest concentration of it, and nearly all of the vitamin K is present as MK-7. This vitamin is three times more potent than vitamin K1, which is another type of vitamin K. It significantly increases the percentage of osteocalcin and helps ward off inflammation as well.

While butter may contain vitamin K2, studies show that it does not contain a significant amount to be of much use. In a study by Dr. Weston A Price, over 20,000 samples of butter were analyzed. While animals that grazed on wheat grass and alfalfa had the highest amounts of vitamin K2, the soil of the pasture influenced the quality of the butter. This vitamin was present in high doses in butter produced by livestock that grazed on pasture with three feet or more of healthy topsoil.

Optimal Vitamin K2 Dosage

Please keep in mind that this is a fat-soluble vitamin. This should be ingested with a meal that contains fat or at least a capsule that contains fatty acids. The minimum effective dose of a short chain menaquinone (MK-4) is 1,500 mcg. If super loading is required, doses of up to 45mg have been used. A longer chain menaquinone like MK-7 will require more fatty acids to ensure absorption. The most effective treatment would be 90 to 360 mcg. At present, more research is needed to discover the maximum effective dose of MK-7.

Vitamin K2 Side Effects

Vitamin K2 is usually safe for most people. However, precautionary measures should be practiced to ensure overall well-being and safety.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should take no more than what is prescribed by a health professional. People with diabetes should monitor their blood sugar as it also lowers glucose levels.

Too much of this vitamin can be harmful to people who have kidney disease, especially individuals who are receiving dialysis treatments. It may also cause liver disease if used to treat clotting problems. Please note that it may make clotting problems worse if the patient already has liver disease.

Before taking any supplement, it would be best to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if a person has any pre-existing medical conditions to ensure his or her safety.


Vitamin K2 does have proof to back up its effectiveness as a testosterone booster. It will have an impact when stacked with other testosterone boosting nutrients. It mostly works on reducing testosterone deficiency and keeping testosterone at a healthy level.